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On May 17, 2024, the Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management, Inc. (AAAIM) in partnership with the AAAIM – Davao Chapter, and the Philippine Women’s College of Davao (PWC) held a successful AIM Davao Roadshow at the TED Library, Philippine Women's College of Davao, Matina, Davao City. This significant event aimed to support AIM's recruitment efforts by attracting outstanding students to enroll in various master's degree programs.

With over 100 attendees, the roadshow provided an excellent platform for prospective students to engage with distinguished AIM alumni. Notable speakers included Mr. Felix Tiukinhoy Jr., MBM 1976, Chairman of the Alumni Association of AIM, Inc.; Mr. Luciano Frederick Puyod III, EMBA 2008, President of the Alumni Association of AIM, Inc. - Davao Chapter; and Mr. Benjamin Palma Gil, MBM 1976, former President of the Philippine National Bank. They highlighted the significant impact of AIM on their professional journeys, illustrating the institute’s role in shaping successful careers.

AAAIM Chairman Tiukinhoy emphasized the importance of the event, stating, "Our primary objective for organizing this event is to foster collaboration with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) on recruitment efforts. We aspire to attract outstanding students to enroll in various master's degree programs, strengthening our community with diverse talents and perspectives. The initiatives and projects undertaken by the AIM Alumni Association during my chairmanship reflect our collective commitment to unity, service, and excellence. Together, let us continue to uphold the spirit of Panaghiusa, forging stronger bonds of unity and collaboration as we strive to ignite success not only for ourselves but for the greater good."

The event also featured insights from esteemed AIM professors Felipe Calderon, Olivier Roche, Christopher Monterola and Michelle Banawan, who provided an overview of AIM's academic programs and the unique opportunities they offer.

The roadshow's success was made possible through the dedicated efforts of various individuals and groups. Special thanks to Ms. Jade Galvan, AIM Career Services Director for her pivotal role in coordinating with AIM Schools and AIM Marketing, ensuring the seamless execution of the event. The support from the AAAIM-Davao Chapter, led by President Luciano Frederick Puyod III, was instrumental in the event's success. Additionally, gratitude was expressed to PWC Chancellor Tito Pijano and his team for hosting the venue and ensuring everything ran smoothly.

This event not only highlighted the strength and solidarity of the AIM alumni network but also underscored the institute's commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

The AIM Davao Roadshow stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Panaghiusa—unity and collaboration—championed by AIM and its alumni community.

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