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Leadership. Live it.


The Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management, Inc. or AAAIM is a non-profit, non-stock organization composed of AIM graduates of degree and non-degree programs. The principal ruling body of the association is the Board of Directors composed of 14 duly elected members. 


The AAAIM was established in 1981 by the following alumni of AIM: Antonio Abad S. Valdes, MM 1977, Roberto V. Garcia, MBM 1973, Dioscoro R. Pacis, MBM 1973, Wilson Lim, TMP 1979, Francis R. Yuseco, Jr., MDP 1977, Jocelyn Minda P. Estrada, MBM 1977, Herminio B. Coloma Jr., MBM 1978, Erlinda S. Manuel, MDP 1975, Angelito M. Sarmiento, MDP 1978, Joseph Y. SyCip, MM 1976, Catalino C. Yaptengco,  Jr., MDP 1979, Rosauro V. Sibal, MM 1977, Marlon P. Young, MBM 1979, and Washington L. Valle, BMP 1979.

The objectives of the AAAIM then, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 13, 1981 were: 1) to promote the educational objectives of the Asian Institute of Management; 2) to serve as a vehicle for the continuing management education of its members; 3) to contribute to the economic development of Asia; 4) to foster camaraderie among its members; 5) to acquire, by purchase or lease, such real and personal property as may be necessary or convenient for the purpose of the corporation; and 6) in general to carry on any other lawful business whatsoever in connection with the foregoing or which is calculated directly or indirectly to promote the interest of the corporation or to enhance the value of its property.

With the recent amendments approved by the board at the Annual General Membership Meeting held on April 24, 2021, the number of Directors will be increased to 25 duly elected members. They shall be responsible for the conduct, advancement and administration of AAAIM affairs for the benefit of the AIM alumni community.

The total membership of the AIM Alumni worldwide as of April 30, 2023, is 47,548 where 10,311 are from degree graduates and 37,237 from non-degree graduates. From the Philippine Chapter, the total number of alumni is 27,983. Five thousand eight hundred eighty-two (5,882) are from degree programs and twenty two thousand one hundred one (22,101) are from non-degree programs.


To be the leading Alumni Association of graduate management schools in the Region, supportive of the Institute, the Alumni and the Community.


To build a harmonious AIM Community through responsive leadership and integration with all stakeholders.


We are the biggest stakeholder in the AIM Community, therefore:


We make ourselves available to whomever,

whenever, wherever, and whatever

need access to the networking resource


We create value focused on


Connectivity with fellow alumni for lifetime friendship

team spirit, shared experience, fellowship, and life-long learning

We fully support

AIM’s effort to sustain and enhance leadership in

Graduate Management Education

AIM’s concern for governance and sound financial practice


We demonstrate utmost interest in AIM, its brand, its success, its future.  We share responsibility for AIM’s long-term welfare.


We are a community who knows, loves, and shares leadership. 

We live it.

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