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Thank you very much to our alumni mentors for taking the time to share your insights and experiences with our AIM students.

Alumni Mentors
Arao, Tristan MDM2010.JPG

Tristan Arao
MDM 2010    
Humanitarian Affairs Officer    
United Nations Office for the Coordination 
of Humanitarian Affairs    (Mozambique)

Cabañez, Alvie.jpg

Alvie Cabañez
10th LMC 2016    
Instructor  College of Micronesia    
Federated States of Micronesia

Catabijan, Jerry Vicente.jpg

Jerry Vicente Catabijan
ME 2001    
St. Mary's Pub. Corp.    

Cruz, Emil.jpg

Emil Cruz
MM 2011    
IT Officer    
Asian Development Bank

LAARNI BALUYOT MBM 1997_edited_edited_ed

Laarni Baluyot

MBM 1997
Spider Hook
Chief Financial Officer

EDUARDO GAYANELO MBM 1997_edited_edited.

Eduardo Roberto Gayanelo

MBM 1997
The TMX Group
Administrative Assistant-Compliance and Disclosure


Jean Paul Howard Dizon

MBM 1999
Shell Shared Services
Asia B. V.

Operations Manager

SUDIP VERMA MBA 2001_edited.jpg

Sudip Verma

MBM 2001
VGAIN Worldwide

Private Limited
Managing Director

LOLITA TIU ME 2001_edited.jpg

Lolita Tiu

ME 2001
Jonas Foods Corporation
CEO & Founder

ANA COLOMA MBA 2005_edited.jpg

Ana Francesca Coloma

MBA 2005


VP Talent and Learning Advisor

GAUTAM SARMA MBA 2005_edited.jpg

Gautam Sarma
MBA 2005
(Finance & Corporate Services)


Michael Sherwin Macatangay
EMBA 2006
One A Teams Consultant
Founder and CEO


Dr. Hermogenes Punzalan Jr.
ME 2008
Semen Cardona Filipinas
Chief Executive Officer

MARK LEE MBA 2010_edited.jpg

Mark Lee 
MBA 2010
Apex Group Ltd.
Business Unit Director

ESHAN ESU MBA 2013_edited.jpg

Esu Eshan
MBA 2013
Uber Technologies Ltd.
Sr. Community Operations Manager

Kimberly May Baltao-Chandra MBA 2013_edi

Kimberly May Baltao-Chandra
MBA 2013
Lawyer, Environmental Planner, Consultant

KISLAY CHANDRA  MBA 2013_edited_edited.j

Kislay Chandra

MBA 2013
Sprout Solutions
Chief Product Officer

BRYAN MENDOZA MBA 2016_edited.jpg

Raymond Mitchell Mendoza, MBA 2016
Mpathy Strategy Group
Founder & CEO  

KARMA RINZIN MDM 2017_edited.jpg

Karma Rinzin 

MDM 2017
Kuendrup Higher

Secondary School

Karthik Panjanatham Ramaswamy  MBA 2020_

Karthik Panjanatham Ramaswamy
MBA 2020
AWIGN Enterprises, Bangalore
Senior Manager & Client Engagement

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