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The primary function of the Membership Committee (MemCom) is to promote and assist in expanding the representation, inclusion, and engagement of AIM alumni with the AAAIM vision-mission. It is one of the permanent standing Committees established by AAAIM in accordance with Article VIII (Committees).

It primarily addresses the functions outlined in Article III (Membership) of the By-Laws, as well as assisting in certain identified functions stipulated in Article X (Annual General Meetings) and Article XI (The Nominations and Elections Committee).


The Education Committee provides AIM alumni and its community with current information, programs, and activities on educational, best practices, and higher learning opportunities available in different industries. It also provides other pertinent information deemed necessary to give AAAIM and its stakeholders the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skills necessary to serve their respective organization/s with competence and professionalism.


The AAAIM Ways and Means Committee aspires to provide an environment in which the Alumni community can participate by organizing activities that will continually renew the financial resources required to sustain the association through alumni engagement.


One of the most wonderful and valuable approaches to ensuring alumni engagement is the CSR Committee. It exemplifies the association's social awareness, compassion, and selfless service by involving itself in local communities. It is also an excellent opportunity for alumni to connect with the association, the school, and community partners.

The AAAIM, through its CSR Committee, has partnered with AIM, particularly the Zuellig School of Development Management (ZSDM), the International Movement of Development Managers, ATIKHA, the Philippine Bamboo Society of Advocates, Inc, and the Laura Vicuna Foundation.


The Special Projects Committee develops and implements special, niche, and new events, programs, and activities to create more value to AAAIM and its stakeholders. It provides opportunities for creative exchange with new special projects and programs for AAAIM to celebrate the history and achievements of its members, advance their professional skills, and prepare them for the changes and challenges of the future.


The Welfare and Career Committee seeks to be a catalyst in connecting alumni and graduating AIM students for mentoring purposes, as well as to provide a platform for alumni to network and learn about various career and business opportunities. 


The Homecoming Committee is responsible for assisting the Lead Host Class in organizing homecoming activities, encouraging alumni to participate in homecoming events, and assisting alumni in staying in touch with one another and with AIM.


The Finance Committee is responsible for the proper management and custody of the Association's funds. It must also ensure that financial reporting to the BOT and government regulatory agencies is accurate, reliable, and timely. It will be in charge of preparing budgets based on the commitments of the various committees, as well as monitoring and controlling them.

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