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The AIM Alumni Achievement Award — better known as the Triple A Award — is the highest recognition given by the Asian Institute of Management to its outstanding alumni. 

Every year, the Alumni Association of AIM (AAAIM), the Federation of AIM Alumni Associations (FAIM) and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) select and pay tribute to an exceptional group of members whose achievements in their various fields of work are particularly noteworthy.

In more than four decades, the AIM has shaped the minds and personalities of aspiring, enterprising young men and women from all points of the globe.

Since AIM produced its first graduates in 1970, a total of 133 alumni out of over 43,000 graduates have been recognized for their outstanding achievements. Of the awardees, 54 are from the Philippines. 

FAIM and the Triple A have always stood for the goal of excellence that each alumni member aspires to. It was a Filipino artist, Franco Patriarca, who first conceived of the Triple A concept, where the first letter of the English alphabet stands for Asian, Alpha, as well as the known constant in math, the A: the highest mark a student can attain.

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