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The Alumni Association of AIM, Inc. (AAAIM) through its Homecoming Committee has held several meetings since March 2022 to discuss the possibility of holding a physical Alumni Homecoming in 2023.

As Metro Manila and most regions remained under Lower Alert Levels with mobility unimpeded and the government’s recent announcement of no further lockdowns, the possibility of planning for and holding a grand physical homecoming for next year is nearer to reality. Furthermore, competent health authorities have said that for as long as most subscribed to Covid 19 vaccination, their immunity remains high and the possibility of infection leading to severe cases remains very low. The current surge being experienced by the country has shown that the surge has not led to an overwhelming number of cases as in the previous years with most cases categorized as generally mild. Hospital capacity has not been overwhelmed with bed capacities for Covid-19 remaining at low numbers.

These developments, therefore, bode well for the possible holding of a physical grand alumni homecoming for next year. What remains is for everyone to continue adhering to public health protocols and getting booster shots to further protect ourselves. Everyone’s compliance to public health protocols will definitely help keep infection low and make our forthcoming holidays merrier, and brighter and our 2023 AIM Grand Alumni Homecoming a much anticipated and welcomed activity with planning having kicked to a good start.

The following Lead Host classes (20th-year celebrants) and their batch representatives will spearhead the homecoming events next year:

CLASS OF 2000- Raffy David, MBM 2000 CLASS OF 2001- Amir Precilla, MBM 2001 CLASS OF 2002- JP Castrillo, MBM 2002 CLASS OF 2003 - Karen Cu Unjieng, MBM 2003

The Grand Alumni Homecoming Night is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2023, at the Manila Polo Club. Please mark this on your calendars!

More information will be released soon.

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