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Greetings to all fellow FAIM leaders and friends,

As I have informed all Country Chapter Head that I have assumed the FAIM Chairmanship upon the resignation of former FAIM Chair Sumeth (Thailand) pursuant to the Article VI, Sec. 2 of the FAIM By-Laws, to wit: “ In the event that the Office of the Chairman shall be vacated for any reason whatsoever, the Vice Chairman shall assume the duties and discharge the responsibilities of Chairman until the next annual meeting".

I have sent announcement to all of you that the AGM on October 19, 2023 is cancelled and rescheduled to March 1, 2024 in order to have cooling period due to Secretary Mike Macatangay’s actions in pursuing a legal opinion without the Board’s approval which may divide and confuse our chapter members.

We need to settle the issue of contradictive legal opinions between two lawyers appointed by Boy Tiukinhoy (Chairman Philippines) versus those legal opinions issued by Mike’s lawyer.

Considering FAIM honorable status, I have explained directly to Nikhil that we need a cooling down period to settle those issues. However, an unauthorized "AGM" was conducted in Manila by Mike, Nikhil (India), and BOT newly appointed member Louis (Malaysia) which mainly to classify Indonesian AIM Alumni Association not eligible as member of FAIM. For the same argument, there will be many other Country Alumni Association not eligible as well. And this is against the spirit and objective of FAIM as an umbrella organization for the whole AIM alumni in any country. As we all know, Indonesia has always been a member or a chairman of FAIM since the beginning of FAIM. This irresponsible action is eliminating Indonesia as the BOT of FAIM and enable Nikhil to be appointed as Chairman.

This BOT meeting cannot be forcedly turned into legal AGM, because no invitation were sent to all Country Chapter Heads, quorum is not fulfilled, official proxy letter from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia were not sent to all Country Chapter Heads and the October 19, 2023 AGM has been officially cancelled by FAIM Chair.

Therefore, please be informed that by this letter I, official FAIM Chair 2023-2024, declare that what so called “AGM October 19, 2023” is illegal and all decisions made on this meeting is not related to official FAIM. Please also refer to the Memo from Boy Tiukinhoy yesterday, he officially declared this “AGM October 19, 2023” as illegal.

With the spirit of bringing back FAIM into its honor, and with our care for the Unity of AIM Alumni and Network, let us save FAIM from those irresponsible actions. I believe that the FAIM and Alumni Associations are for all AIM alumni.

As mentioned in my earlier official letter I, as official FAIM Chair 2023-2024, will conduct consultation sessions with all chapters, towards renewing our FAIM camaraderie, trust, collaboration and an inclusive FAIM.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Dr Kartika Antono FAIM Chair 2023-2024 President of Ikatan Alumni AIM Indonesia


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