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Meet and Greet with the Golden Jubilarians

As we are now nearing the homecoming events, the homecoming committee led by 2023 Alumni Homecoming Chairman, Mr. Raffy David are working hard to ensure the success of homecoming and make this event a truly memorable celebration for AIM community. The committee met with the golden jubilarians, MBM 1970, MBM 1971, MBM 1972 and MBM 1973.

In attendance: Golden Jubilarians: Conrad Cuesta, MBM 1970; Rene Sunico, MBM 1970; Mari Sison Garcia, MBM 1971; Rene Valencia, MBM 1971; Millie Braganza, MBM 1972; Bobby Garcia, MBM 1973; Felipe Diego, MBM 1973; Chris Gotangco, MBM 1973; Lead Host Classes: Raffy David, MBM 2000; Manny Gaerlan, MM 2002; Karen Villegas, MBM 2003; AAAIM Junjun Dayrit (AAAIM Chairman) Greg Atienza ( Former AAAIM Chairman and Special Adviser to 2023 Alumni Homecoming); Anna Alegre (AAAIM Alumni Engagement Manager); Event Coordinators; Dessie Dela Rosa ; Frency Importado; Rica Perez.

The Grand Alumni Homecoming Night is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2023, at the Manila Polo Club. Please mark this on your calendars!

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