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MBM '71 and '83 publish commemorative books

"Fifty years from graduation is a milestone and AIM '71 is marking the date with a book. It’s a good way of celebrating, for a book can magically hold in a few pages a bountiful treasure of memories," said Santiago F. Dumlao Jr. in his Foreword in AIM '71 First Fruits: Inspiring Stories of Continuing Journeys.

The eight-month journey in making the Batch '71 commemorative book has brought classmates closer together, forging stronger personal relationships. "It has given us so much joy to recall happy memories of the good ole days and allowed us to discover stunning facts about each other we never knew about.

"This book has become larger than all of us put together. In Santi’s words—it’s a Kaleidoscope of personalities and experiences seen through half a century of life journeys which continue to this day," shared Emmy Hayward, the book project's managing editor.

In celebration of their ruby year, "Our Journeys and Memories" e-scrapbook by MBM 1983 holds the beautiful and interesting stories and tidbits of classmates, the triumphs, trials, and tribulations that they endured together in the past 40 years.

"The e-scrapbook project also resulted in us being able to locate our long-lost classmates and friends as a by-product of the main effort," says in the Epilogue by the e-scrapbook committee.

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