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AIM Alumni Welcomes New FAIM Chairman Amornjaruchit

The newly re-elected Chairman of the Federation of AIM Alumni (FAIM) Sumeth Amornjaruchit, MM 1985 sat down with AIM Alumni Magazine editor-in-chief Gregorio Atienza,MBM 1983 in August 2022 to discuss FAIM’s plans during his chairmanship for the years 2022 to 2023.

First thing on the agenda: the Alumni Homecoming. This highly anticipated event that has been postponed for the past two years will finally be held simultaneously in-person in Manila and online in various country chapters on February 25, 2023.

The Triple A Awards nomination is also underway, headed by re-elected FAIM Vice-Chair and Indonesian Country Chapter Head Dr. Kartika Dianningsih Antono, MM 1989. The Triple A Awards ceremony is slated to be held February 24, 2023, a day before the Homecoming.

The Asian Business Conference will also be making a comeback. Scheduled on January 27-28, 2023, the ABC will be hosted in Bogor, Indonesia under the lead of FAIM Vice-Chair Kartika. FAIM expects country chapters to participate and international companies to be involved. Participants flying in are recommended to arrive on January 26 as the whole day seminar starts on the morning of the 27th. Tours will be made available on the latter half of Day 2 for interested attendees.

FAIM, in collaboration with the Alumni Association of AIM (AAAIM), is also planning a fundraising event during the Homecoming and/or during the FAIM Board of Trustees annual general meeting in late July or early August 2023. The fundraising event is to supplement the source of funds lost from the cancellation of alumni fees collection by AIM. The FAIM Chairman hopes for a better relationship between the Federation and the Institute and to open discussions on possibly bringing back the collection of alumni fees.

Finally, Chairman Sumeth Amornjaruchit encourages all alumni to join the Federation of AIM Alumni and emphasizes the relevance of the organization, not only as a venue to meet former classmates, but also to network, build business relationships, and discover opportunities with fellow alumni throughout the region.

The Federation of AIM Alumni has re-elected FAIM Chairman Sumeth Amornjaruchit and Vice-Chairman Dr. Kartika Dianningsih Antono. The retained Board of Trustees are Nikhil Kamath (MBM 1998 and India Country Chapter Head) and Datuk Pahamin Rajab (TMP 1984 and Malaysia Country Chapter Head). FAIM Secretary-General is Mike Macatangay (EMBA 2006) and FAIM Treasurer is incoming AAAIM Chairman Conrado Dayrit III (MBM 1977).

The FAIM election and Board of Trustees annual general meeting were held in Manila last August 6, 2022.

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