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Chairman's Message

Welcome to our first and newly created official Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management, Inc. (AAAIM) website!

As we celebrate our AAAIM 40th year anniversary, we are honored and proud to launch our AAAIM website. Through this interactive social media platform, we hope to engage our fellow AIM alumni leaders worldwide as we all take pride to be graduates of the leading world-class international management school and research institution.

After months of hard work and dedication, we created a website that is faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. As inspiring and transformational leaders, it is important for us to make information regarding our thought leadership, services, and trends that are easily accessible to our AIM community. Our AAAIM website gives better access to Who We Are, Our Services, Our Accomplishments, How We Work and Celebrate, and How We Give Back. Visitors will find useful information about our best and brightest AIM alumni leaders, our significant contribution to society, our interactive valuable services to the AIM community, and our notable projects and activities to nation-building.

On behalf of our AAAIM Board of Trustees, our sincere gratitude to my Executive MBA 2006 class for sponsoring the creation of this website. This is our gift and a simple way of giving back as we celebrate our 15 years of being esteemed alumni of our beloved AIM!

As the 40th AAAIM Chairman and the first from the Executive MBA degree program, allow me to take the lead as we together explore our newly created cyberspace that is truly and uniquely AIM Alumni!

We Lead! We Inspire! We Transform!

One AIM Alumni, Leadership We Live It!

Michael Sherwin Macatangay, EMBA 2006

AAAIM Chairman, 2021-2022


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