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AIM renamed the MBA to International Master in Business Administration (iMBA)

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) has been renamed to International Master in Business Administration (iMBA) by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) beginning with the intake in January 2023.

Professionals with at least two years of work experience who want to advance their education and professional growth in the fields of business, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, leadership, and strategy are eligible for the iMBA program.

The intensive 12-month iMBA program is divided into 4 terms, giving students ample opportunity to gain practical case room and corporate experience. Included in this is an action consulting project wherein groups of students serve as consultants for specific AIM partner businesses and organizations. Each team creates strategic responses to deal with its unique business difficulties under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

“For years, the MBA program of AIM has produced business leaders capable of transforming the workplace through their leadership skills, groundbreaking ideas, and exceptional work ethic. With the renaming of this program and the opening of enrollment for 2023, we look ahead to expand the possibilities for each of our students by providing them the avenue to acquire new skills and knowledge that will prepare them to succeed on a global scale,” explains Prof. Sandeep Puri, PhD, the Academic Program Director of the international Master in Business Administration.

For more information about the program, please visit the AIM website at



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