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Rising from the Pandemic: Open for Business

Back to Basics

As the pandemic waxes and wanes throughout our world, the clamor for a return to normalcy – not the new normal dictated by the pandemic, but that of better times – has made itself loud and clear. This desire is everywhere, from the ongoing resumption of face-to-face classes, to our very own alumni gatherings.

The pandemic has also forced us to re-evaluate our lives, and has challenged us to rid ourselves of extraneous factors to focus on what is truly important. As such, we believe it is in our best interest to focus LEAD towards alumni to alumni dialogue. By focusing more on alumni communication, we believe that this will pave the way for better mentorship programs, networking, and B2B opportunities, as well as crucial learnings from the pandemic experience This will be executed through a shift in focus in our activities, such as the proposed formation of an elders or founders group and maximizing the new capabilities of our online alumni magazine such as through podcasts

Keeping Active in the Pandemic

Even during the pandemic years, AAAIM kept itself and its members active and involved. By keeping its members connected both as an alumni organization and as a force for positive change in the world, AAAIM was able to remain not just alive, but robust in the face of COVID-19.

Internally, AAAIM sought the approval on the amendments of the organization’s bylaws and articles by the SEC. The inception of this new organization also necessitated the creation of divisions with more focused goals, as well as a way to keep its members in touch. As a result of this, the AAAIM website was founded, and LEAD was established to maintain and develop alumni connections.

As an organization, AAAIM partnered with and rendered assistance to several organizations, such as SoulPH 20/20, One A-Teams Consultants Singapore, Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Management Association of the Philippines, Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas, and Start Up Village. Keeping in line with its purpose as an alumni association, AAAIM also worked together with the AIM Career and Services Office, as well as the AIM Team Energy Center for Bridging Leadership.

AAAIM also spearheaded several CSR initiatives to help individuals and organizations that had been ravaged by the pandemic. These included the Philippine Bamboo Society of Advocates, DOLE’s TUPAD Project, the International Movement of Development Managers (IMDM) in their Bicol Project, ATIKHA Overseas Workers and Communities, Inc., and the Laura Vicuna Foundation. Through the efforts of Fr. Tito Soquino, MDM 1991, AAAIM was also able to provide material and financial assistance to victims of Typhoon Odette at Burgos, Siargao.

Incoming Chairman Conrado "JunJun " Dayrithas repeatedly stressed the importance of strengthening one’s own batch and participating in class gatherings. To this end, AAAIM has worked to build even stronger bonds with international alumni via FAIM. As the pandemic weakens and our lives return to normalcy, Chair Dayrit sees not only a resumption, but a rekindling of face-to-face batch assemblies and other relationship-building gatherings, bolstered by digital assets such as the AAAIM website and LEAD.

This emphasis on networking has also led the Federation of AIM Alumni Associations (FAIM) together with the AAAIM to the decision to resume the long-delayed Triple A Awards this February 24, 2023 at the AIM Campus.

Homecoming 2023

The much awaited first real face-to-face hybrid homecoming will be held on February 25, 2023 at the Manila Polo Club. This momentous occasion will herald the first real annual assembly that we have held since the beginning of the pandemic years. While we are still exercising caution with regards to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and its many variants, this hybrid Homecoming will also herald the formation of a new “seniors” category of Trustees, formed by batches that have celebrated their 50th anniversary onwards but who will be exempted from Board work. To reduce politicking and to ensure continual progress, the Homecoming committee will be comprised of members from each celebrating batch. MBM 1970, MBM1971, MBM 1972 and MBM 1973 will be honored as 50th anniversary honorees.

The Homecoming Ceremony will be spearheaded by the classes of 2000 – 2003, under the leadership of Raffy David, Amir Precilla, Coratec Jimenez, and Karen Cu Unjieng. Alumni country chapters will likewise be invited to attend online the February 25, 2023 Homecoming Night supportive of the networking theme: Strength in Unity, Power in Diversity. Some 40 celebrating batches – including those affected by the three years absence of Homecomings will all catch up and join in.

Triple A

Because of the danger posed by the pandemic, even the most honored of alumni traditions – the Triple A Award – had to be put on hold, with the last awards ceremony held in February 2020. But now that the gears are once again turning and the threat of COVID-19 has decreased to a low murmur, we can return to the new normal, which includes the reinstatement of the Triple A Award this coming 2023.

This Triple A aims to return with a bang. It will be held at the AIM Campus on February 24, 2023.

The upcoming Triple A Awards ceremony is a peer-recognition award led by the AIM Alumni Network, originated by AAAIM but currently spearheaded by FAIM. These Triple A Awards will undoubtedly not only showcase alumni who have gone above and beyond in their quest for personal and professional excellence, but also dwell on how its awardees were able to keep their business not just alive, but even thriving in the face of COVID-19.

Back to Business

Survival has always been a question of how quickly an organism can adapt, and the sweeping restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic have forced us to re-evaluate and streamline our way of doing business. This evolution can be seen in all echelons of management and all branches of business – the AAAIM and FAIM included.

The disconnect forced on us during the pandemic was partially remedied through the use of communication technology. Online meetings became the norm, and words like “video call” and “Zoom” found themselves turned into everyday things. At the same time, they were not complete replacements for the separation that COVID-19 created. As such, one of AAAIM’s primary objectives is to not only repair these frayed connections, but to strengthen them to create a strong, united alumni base. This will be accomplished through the use of the AAAIM website, as well as the AIM Alumni Online Magazine, LEAD.

One of the biggest issues in the alumni association was the divisive alumni fee. While some alumni felt that paying $200 to AIM was a fair price to be a part of the ever-growing organization, others questioned the value and worth of paying this price. While this fee has been unilaterally abolished by AIM, the question of value is still in play.

At the same time, AAAIM will need to secure a stable base for its operations. Activities, charity drives, and alumni benefits require funding, which AAAIM plans to secure via online magazine advertisements, concerts, and other special fundraising events. All these plans will definitely see AAAIM blossom for the global community of AIM.


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