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AAAIM supports AIM's enrollment and recruitment initiatives at PAMPI General Membership Meeting

With the objective to support AIM's enrollment and recruitment efforts , the Alumni Association of AIM, Inc. (AAAIM) led by Chairman Felix O. Tiukinhoy Jr. who also serves as the President of the Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc. (PAMPI), invited representatives from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to the PAMPI General Membership Meeting held on May 28, 2024 at the Quezon City Sports Club.

This event presented an excellent opportunity for AIM to network with industry experts and promote its educational offerings. The PAMPI General Membership Meeting was attended by a diverse group of manufacturers of processed meats and suppliers from allied industries, all of whom are potential candidates for AIM's programs.

Prof. Albert Mateo, Head of AM School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL) presented the executive program highlighting the customized learning opportunities offered to PAMPI executives. These programs are designed to improve leadership skills, strategic thinking, and operational excellence

which are crucial for professionals in the meat processing industry. His presentation emphasized how AIM’s executive program could contribute to the professional development and competitive edge of PAMPI members.

Additionally, Mr. Caleb Uy, Student Recruitment Supervisor of the Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ASITE) presented AIM's undergraduate programs. His presentation was aimed at younger professionals and prospective students in the PAMPI network, with a focus on AIM's unique dual degree program. The program seeks to provide students with a strong foundation in business management and innovation, preparing them for future industry leadership roles.

This initiative is part of a broader effort by AAAIM to leverage its extensive alumni network to support AIM's strategic goals. It not only supports AIM’s recruitment efforts but also strengthens the relationship between the institution and its alumni, fostering a community dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth.


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